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Meet John Pohl

Gardening isn't just a hobby, it's my lifeblood. From a young age, I was irrevocably drawn to the magic of growing things. Now, armed with a lifetime of hands-on experience and horticultural knowledge, my passion lies creating beautiful gardens for others, in the process helping to heal the planet.
My 3.5-acre property hums with this mission. A wild tapestry of native plants unfurls in a vast prairie-inspired garden, while smaller pockets of green embrace our beloved historical Victorian home. This place sings with the wisdom of nature, constantly teaching me lessons of resilience and beauty. And who can resist the joy of sharing these gifts, nurturing Mother Earth and helping people reconnect with nature?
I'm an independent garden design consultant, based near Madison, Wisconsin. I specialize in creating naturalistic, eco-forward gardens, from initial design concept to plant installation and aftercare. 

Meet The Team


Design Studio Companion

Finn, a tail-wagging whirlwind of joy, gleefully keeps us company, occasionally pausing outdoors to leave her mark (and sometimes a few uprooted plants).

Our Clients

Property Owners

We craft more than landscapes; we cultivate lasting relationships with our customers and the gardens we create. We encourage clients to be involved, from brainstorming design ideas and plant choices to even sometime hands-on construction. Witness the joy in this photo, where a client unearths stones for a bespoke garden path – sharing the journey in creating a special garden space.

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